WorldEngine - the best open-source world generator

WorldEngine has the goal to be the best open-source world generator available. It is based on the simulation of several physical phenomens.

Our philosophy is to build a tool very flexibile, which can be used from the command line, in a GUI or as a component inside other programs.

WorldEngine can be very easy to use: you click a button and you get a nice world generated for you.

It can also be very complex: do you want to set specific temperature or humidity ranges for your world? Specify a strange ratio for your map? You can.

We think that most advanced users could want to use WorldEngine as a part of larger tool-chain: you give some draft of your world to WorldEngine, it performs some extra simulations for you, making your world more realistic, and then you feed the result from WorldEngine into another tool of yours or perhaps you refine manually your results.

So WorldEngine can be used in different ways. Let’s see how.